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Egg Hunt Rules and Specifics

Saturday, March 25       4:00 – 8:00 pm

The race begins promptly at 4:00 pm. Arrive in the corridor (between Johnson Carpet and Chicago Drive Pub) at 4:40 to sign waiver and gear up!

Be sure to have access to a vehicle; you will need to drive from place to place.  Race parameters are Hudsonville, Jenison, Gradville, and Wyoming city limits.

Be sure to bring along a smart phone with a camara.  You must capture pictures on the hunt and show them to receive the final clue leading to the prize baskets.

Wear comfortable clothes and be prepared for any type of challenge.  No food challenges this year, but note that this race is intended to push you past your comfort zone, at least a little.  You will be asked to solve clues, complete physical challenges, think outside the box, and possibly embarrass yourself.  Please do not buy a ticket or force someone to race with you if this is not your thing.  We want happy racing teams!

51 teams.  5 clue pick up locations (these will all be downtown Grandville, and you will get your pick up location at the start of the race).  Once you have all clues in hand (except the final which will be given after your photos are verified), the race is on.  Choose your own strategey.  No colors to follow; no wristbands required.   

You are free to race with your friends (if you get separated at clue pick up, just call and re-unite.  You will be within a mile of each other).  Be aware that there is only 1 1st place basket, 20 2nd place baskets, and 30 3rd place baskets.

Teams must complete the challenge at each stop and then capture a picture with the provided sign.  Both team members must be in the picture with the signage.  All photos will be viewed and verified before a team can receive the final clue leading to the prize baskets.  If a team arrives and is missong a photo, or has wrong team members in a photo, no final clue will be given.  The team must head back out into the race to capture the missing photo.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Note - once all 1st and 2nd place baskets are gone, teams may advance to the end without completing all photos if they desire. 

Dinner certificates will be picked up at the end of the hunt with the eggs.  Regardless of when you finish, you may choose any of the three dinner choices.  No specific tables have been reserved, though, so if the restaurant is busy, you may have a small wait to be seated.  Pre-set menus listed below.

The hunt ends at 8:00. Teams who have not completed the challenges by then must advance to the address given, pick up the final clue, and claim their basket.   

Tickets can be purchased at Grandville City Hall and also online through the Grandville Jenison Chamber website.

Feel free to contact with any additional questions.  I look forward to seeing you on March 25.                      

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Dinner Options...

Dinner Certificates are picked up at the end of the race, and may be redeemed at Jet's Pizza (take-out; no beer), Grand Villa Restaurant, or Osgood Brewing.  Tables have not been reserved, so if the restaurants are busy, you may need to wait.  The certificate includes the tip for the items listed.  If you order additional food or beverage, please tip accordingly.  Set menu options listed below.  If you have a food allergy or special request, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Certificates must be redeemed on March 25.

Jet's Pizza: Any large specialty pizza (1 per team), any Jet's bread or small salad (1 per team), any 20 ounce pop (1 per person).

Grand Villa Restaurant: Chips and salsa (1 per team), wet burrito (1 per person), and choice of draft, well mixed drink, or soda (1 per person).

Osgood Brewing: Spicy bar mix (1 per team), any large pizza (1 per team), any tier one beer or glass of wine or nonalcoholic beverage (1 per person).

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1st Place Basket (1): A night’s stay @ Prairieside Suites Luxury B&B, $150 gift certificate to Salus Massage Therapy, Several $10 and $20 certificates to area restaurants and shops, Chocolates, Coupons, etc. Valued @ $500.

2nd Place Baskets (20): A $50 gift certificate to a local restaurant, shop, or business.  Baskets will be labeled with business name, so teams may choose their favorite from what is left.  Chocolates, Coupons, etc. Valued @ $70.  Please thank our sponsors!!!

3rd Place Baskets (30): Chocolates, Coupons, etc.  Valued @ $20. 

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