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Over the next two construction seasons, several projects are planned for Ivanrest Avenue, including water system and street improvements.

The 2018 project consists of water system improvements between 40th Street and Buck Creek.  There are currently two parallel water mains in this section - an old 12" main that has suffered many breaks over the past several years, and a newer 16" main (installed in 1989).  Due to system-wide improvements over the past 25 years, the parallel system is no longer needed.  The new main is in much better shape and has many years of service life remaining.  Therefore, this project involves transferring all services and side street connections to the newer main and abandoning the old water main in place.  Complete repaving of the street will nt be included with this project; rather, the water service trenches will be patched.  The construciton contract will be bid in the spring of 2018, and construction will take place during the summer.  Topographic survey activities are currently underway.  This project will be funded fully with local Grandville funds.

The 2019 project includes water main improvements and street improvements.  The water main in Ivanrest Avenue from Buck Creek to Prairie Street consists of a single 12" main that has suffered many breaks over the past several years.  This project will involve replace the main and all services, and will include construction of a new main under Buck Creek.  In addition to the water main improvements, this project will include complete milling and resurfacing of the pavement in Ivanrest Avenue from 44th Street to Prairie Street, upgradng all sidewalk ramps to meet ADA requirements, and spot replacement of curb and sidewalk as needed.  Construction of this project will take place in the spring/summer of 2019.  The water main improvements will be locally funded, while the street improvements will be funded by a combination of local and federal funds.  Due to issues with another project, contruction on Ivanrest will begin Monday June 3, 2019

2019 Paving Projects

For a list of the 2019 paving projects please click HERE

2019 Watermain installation projects

The following streets are scheduled to have new watermain installed for the Summer of 2019;
1. Kiowa Ct
2. Commanche Ct
3. Aaron Street (40th street to Choctaw)