Our Mission

59th District Court Probation Mission Statement

With the recognition that all probationers have the ability to change it is our mission, with support of the community, to help probationers move to making positive changes in their thinking, attitude, and behavior.  This will be accomplished by supervision in the community, using established partnerships, the enforcement of Court Orders, and targeted sanctions.

Guiding Principles and Values:

  • Importance of the individual and belief that people can change.
  • Offenders shall be held responsible and accountable for their behavior and decisions.
  • Society has a right to be protected from persons who cause harm to people or property.
  • Innovative case management techniques and partnerships with the community.
  • Intervention in an offender's life should be the appropriate amount needed to protect society, promote law-abiding behavior, and foster positive change in attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.
  • Supporting the rights of victims.
  • Ethical conduct:  We believe in and exemplify ethical and professional behavior in our interactions with others.  We strive to recognize the unique and special needs of each person and are sensitive to cultural diversity.

Language Access

If you or someone you know will need an interpreter for a court proceeding, please call the court office at (616) 538-9660 as soon as possible, before the date of the proceeding.

Click the link to view the 59th District Court's Language Access Plan.

Grandville coordinator for persons with limited English proficiency - Mr. Chad Overweg, (616) 531-2690 opt. 4

More information about use of interpreter services in Michigan courts may be found on the Michigan Language Access Resources page online.

Accessing the 59th District Court

The 59th District Court is committed to ensuring all have access to court services regardless of income, disability, or language barriers.  The links below may help you or someone you know to obtain necessary assistance in accessing court services.

Legal assistance:

       NOTE:  Those seeking assistance of a court-appointed attorney for a criminal case must request and fill out the appropriate form at the court window.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations requests

Assistance for persons with limited English proficiency

If you have any other questions regarding 59th District Court access, please call the Grandville office at (616) 538-9660 or Walker office at (616) 453-5765.  Please note, however, that court staff is prohibited from providing legal advice.

Road Diet Information

Click HERE for more information on the proposed Road Diet for Ivanrest and Kenowa Avenue. 

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