Movies At Wedgwood Park

In place of the 2021 Summer Kick Off Carnival, the Grandville Downtown Development Authority (DDA) will be hosting a 3 week Movies in the Park series. 
Please do not attend if you have any COVID -19 symptoms or have been close contact with anyone who does
Join us for Summer Movie Nights at Wedgwood Park, 3391 Wilson Avenue SW

Friday evenings from 9:00 P.M. - 11:30 P.M. on the dates below
MAY 28, 2021: Aladdin   Click HERE to purchase tickets     POSTEPONED TO JUNE 11 DUE TO WEATHER 
JUNE 4, 2021: Guardians of the Galaxy   Click HERE to purchase tickets
JUNE 11, 2021: Mamma Mia   Click HERE to purchase tickets     CANCELLED UNTIL VINTAGE FEST
Movies At Wedgwood Park